Class - Digital Platforms and dynamic media
Year - 2022

project brief

I was tasked to create an app that cornered a part of the digital market that I thought was lacking in either amount of apps, quality, etc. I ultimately chose to create an app specially for cat owners to connect with cat sitters and book them. The class was also asked to create a pattern using simple CSS code to integrate into our apps, both literally as a background, and more subtly in type choices, button styles, etc. The code and pattern can be found at the bottom of the page.
app statemenT

Cat Call is a cat sitting app created to be easily navigable for young people, people who travel often, or the occasional user who wants reliable cat care. Finding consistent, fair-priced, and safe cat sitting services close to home can be difficult for most people, especially young people or college students who may be traveling a lot. Chances are, the person you asked to care for your pet last time will not be available this time, especially near the holiday season or during school break periods. Cat Call eliminates the middleman, and, through location based sitter sourcing, allows users to find the best cat sitters in their area quickly and safely. Cat Call is designed to feel approachable and easy to use, as finding a sitter, especially last minute, can be stressful.

cat call style guide
code and pattern

SVG image of code

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