Our team of 8 designers was tasked with creating a physical guidebook that educates a population on the Athens community, and is made for a specific audience that may be underserved, underrepresented, etc. in the Athens community.
Through our research, which was done by interviewing multiple people with experience in guiding people around Athens, we found that freshmen are often not pushed to discover Athens outside of UGA. This created our objective: create a fun and approachable guide that helps freshmen get out into their new community.
Our team created a guidebook for UGA freshmen, as they are often the group of people that know the least about Athens and the businesses that make up the community. It includes 3 games (cootie catcher, spinner, and food tree), which make the book more playful, and add the idea of chance to the guide.
I was tasked to create the illustrations and assets for the book for the rest of the team to use as they needed. I also created both of the game infographics seen above. I helped create the color palette, choose the title, and select the font for the book. I copy wrote and proofread all text that was used.
The guides would be distributed to every incoming UGA freshman at orientation. This will allow freshmen to easily access the guide and will quickly help familiarize them with new spaces in Athens.
YEAR - 2023
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