I created the Beginner's Luck Running Club project to be a fully branded running club that solves the problem of inaccessibility in the distance running hobby. I've experienced this exclusivity first hand, and felt it was important to bring clarity to the sport of running.
When collecting inspiration for the Beginner’s Luck brand, I wanted to create something that felt playful but not coddling, fun but still an activity to be taken seriously.
I drew ideas from vintage sports posters and branding, settling with an old style font for my main logo mixed with more modern styles for my planner, book, and poster.
My brand is geared towards beginners, so the mood of the logo system is friendly and approachable. With this in mind, the logo system includes a primary logo, two secondary logos, and a few iterations customized for my deliverables, all utilizing a handmade font.
Following branding design, deliverables were fabricated. I created shoe laces and hats customized by hand, as well as a daily running planner that I printed, cut, and bound myself. I designed the stickers to make the planner interactive. The stickers are used by the participant to mark the completion of a distance race, which further encourages new runners to continue.
The deliverables aim to inspire new runners to stay motivated. The design allows them to 'buy in' to a brand and lifestyle that is encouraged by what I made. The branded merchandise reminds the participants of the club they belong to, and the planner and stickers help them to stay motivated to complete their running goals, which are set by the planner as to further take the guess work out of distance running.
YEAR - 2024
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